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CAUTION, it’s a trap: What is Social Engineering?

What is social engineering, and how did that come into existence? Social engineering or “human attack” is a set of psychological and sociological techniques, approaches and methods that make it possible to obtain confidential information. “Hi! I ended up in a difficult situation. Can you borrow 50 euros?” Have you received such messages on social […]Read More

Securing Files & Directories using ACLs in Linux

Our top priority is to secure and protect data from unauthorized access. We are all aware of the permissions we set using some handy Linux commands like chmod, chown & chgrp. However, these default permissions sets have some limitations and at times do not work to meet our requirements. For example, we cannot set different […]Read More

Transfer files with Rsync

What is Rsync? Rsync stands for “remote synchronization”. It is a remote and local file synchronization tool that helps you efficiently transfer files. Rsync is faster than tools like Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) as it uses the delta-transfer algorithm that minimizes the data transfer by copying only the sections of a file that have been […]Read More

Mitigate attacks with iptables, fail2ban and ipset

In this short article, we will describe useful steps to prevent attacks and other malicious attempts. Assuming we do the configuration on a Debian-based system. First of all, we need to install the necessary tools apt-get install ipset iptables-persistent fail2ban Let’s start adding some rules to iptables. Drop invalid packets to the mangle table iptables […]Read More

What are floating IPs and how do they work?

Each Cloud server on QuantumHost automatically comes with one IPv4 and one IPv6 net (/64). You can also add floating IPs for a small fee. Floating IPs help you to create highly flexible setups. You can assign a floating IP to any server. The server can then use this IP. You can reassign it to […]Read More

What is SEM, also known as Search Engine Marketing?

As the owner of a website, you want to do as much as possible to get high in the search results of search engines. The higher your website is in this ranking, the more visitors will come to your website! Many visitors only look at the top four or five results in the search engine. […]Read More

What is Apache?

If you are delving into the world of web servers, chances are you will eventually come across the product name “Apache. Many have heard this name before but have no idea what exactly Apache is. Especially for these people, we have prepared this article. This article will explain what Apache is and which famous modules […]Read More

Why do I need sitemap.xml and what is it for?

To make your website work for your business, you need to work in detail on many of its parts. Visibility on the Internet can be ensured in different ways, for example, by engaging on social networks or paying for advertising. But one of the main methods of presenting the site to potential customers – is […]Read More

What is a web server, and which one to choose?

We often talk about servers and tell you which are the best to choose for business purposes. As a reminder, you can rent a cloud VPS/VDS server on QuantumHost for your business or other purposes. But today, we will discuss another important thing – the webserver. Let’s understand what it is, how it works, and […]Read More