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Secured(HTTPS) vs Unsecured(HTTP) Websites – 5 HTTPS Advantages

Do your customers shy to give their credit card information while purchasing goods via the website? Do they have any privacy concerns? Or are they worried about the man in the middle attack? Wait a minute! We have a quick solution to your pile of problems, and here we are going to discuss these. Is […]

Why do I need sitemap.xml and what is it for?

To make your website work for your business, you need to work in detail on many of its parts. Visibility on the Internet can be ensured in different ways, for example, by engaging on social networks or paying for advertising. But one of the main methods of presenting the site to potential customers – is […]

How to Update cPanel License [ 4 Easy Steps ]

List of steps how to update cPanel License First of all, what you have to do is to check your Virtual Private Server and server IP has a valid cPanel license or not. Now click on this website https://verify.cpanel.net URL. There will be a content box where you can enter your enter server IP. After […]

how much bandwidth do I need for my website

How Much Bandwidth Do I Need For My Website?

Why hosting companies speak loud about their unlimited bandwidth? How much bandwidth do I need for my website? Bandwidth portrays the maximum amount of data transfer pace of any web association or organization. In a given particular time duration, how much information can be sent over a specific association? Data transfer has a direct relation […]

What is a web server, and which one to choose?

We often talk about servers and tell you which are the best to choose for business purposes. As a reminder, you can rent a cloud VPS/VDS server on QuantumHost for your business or other purposes. But today, we will discuss another important thing – the webserver. Let’s understand what it is, how it works, and […]

WordPress website update: essential or not?

You have an excellent website, and you are proud of it. Unfortunately, when you log in, you get a notification that updates are available. Many people then do nothing with the update notifications and find that their website functions as usual. Yet WordPress advises you to update your website. Why should I do that? A […]

What are the pros and cons of WordPress multisite?

If you have several websites in your control, all using WordPress, setting up a WordPress multisite may be worth considering. The possibility to use such a multisite has been offered since WordPress 3.0. This article will tell you more about how this works and about the pros and cons of a WordPress multisite. How a […]

What is the difference between HTTP1.1 and HTTP/2?

HTTP is short for “HyperText Transport Protocol,” version 1.1 of which was introduced in 1997. HTTP 1.1 is still the most widely used version of HTTP, although it seems that this will change in the coming years with the introduction of HTTP/2. The switch to HTTP/2 is necessary because HTTP 1.1 no longer fits the […]